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This article covers the top 10 places that everyone loves on Put-in-bay. However, this article does not cover all the things to do in Put-in-Bay. Visit for a more extensive list of Put-in-Bay attractions on the island!

1. The Round House Bar

Put-in-Bay Round House Bar

The Round House Bar is a hot spot on Put-in-Bay because of its unique architecture, live entertainment, and most importantly its buckets of beer! Stop by to see the neon “WHISKEY” sign that lets you know when the party is starting!

2. Mr. Ed’s Green Room

Put-in-Bay Green Room

“The Green Room” is a new addition to Mr. Ed’s Bar and Grill. The Upper Deck was converted into a night club that is the new chill spot on Put-in-Bay. You can have cookouts and private events by day, and then hangout with friends and have a night out at the club at night with great music managed by DJ A-Dubb.

3. Biergarten at the Boathouse

Put-in-Bay Biergarten at the Boathouse

The famous Biergarten at the Boathouse bar and grill is located in downtown Put-in-Bay and is a favorite out of all the Put-in-Bay restaurants for a lot of visitors. The Boathouse has been the spot for great meals and entertainment for over 50 years now. Sit outside and enjoy the incredible views of the island or sit inside and enjoy the great music. Either way you should have one of their great sausages in one hand and a beer in the other!

4. Perry’s Cave

Put-in-Bay Perry's Cave Gift Shop

Perry’s Cave is a great spot to take the kids! The area offers everything from a giant maze to gemstone mining! There is the Butterfly House that houses over 50 different types of exotic butterflies and there is also the War of 18 holes mini-golf. If that isn’t enough there is also rock wall climbing and DanDee’s Snack Shack! You could spend a whole day here!

5. Heineman’s Winery

Put-in-Bay Heineman Winery

The Heineman Winery was founded in 1888 by Gustav Heineman after the island was discovered of having high quality grapes. As a result, this Put-in-Bay winery is known for its excellent sweet wines, but they offer a wide variety of other wines as well. There is also delicious grape juice and cheese for the kids!

6. The Boardwalk

Boardwalk Restaurant

The Boardwalk offers fresh and traditional seafood in a relaxed and lively environment with live music and happy hours! The upper deck offers a full view of the Bay along with table-side service while the main deck is the perfect spot for families or large groups. Furthermore, it offers three different food concessions so everyone can find a meal they enjoy!

7. The Keys

The Keys

The Keys offers a wide variety in their menu along with live music and happy hours! Another thing to note is that on Fat Tuesdays and see there special offers on premium frozen drinks. Dogs also get free water all year long at this pet friendly restaurant!

8. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial

Perrys Monument

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial was constructed to remember and honor those who fought bravely in the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. It celebrate the lasting peace between Canada, the United States, and Great Britain. It stands 352 feet tall and is a must see if you come to Put-in-Bay.

9. MIST Pool Bar

Commodore Resort Mist Pool Bar