Out of all the things to do in Put-in-Bay, the Heineman Winery wine garden is one of the most beautiful sites on Put-in-Bay. The wines from Heineman Winery are a Put-in-Bay production from start to finish. The grapes are grown at Put-in-Bay, the wine is made at Put-in-Bay, it’s bottled at Put-in-Bay. These wines are the island in a bottle. Stop in for a tasting in the gorgeous wine garden to find your favorite variety. You can go on a tour of the winery for only $8 for adults, and $4 for children. These tours include a walk through the spectacular Crystal Cave.

Head to Heineman’s for an awesome cheese plate to pair with one of their many wines. They have 25 different types of wine to choose from, and as we mentioned before, all of them are made from seed to bottle on the island! It might not be the best idea to try all 25 wines in one trip to the winery. However, you should sample as many as your tolerance level allows you to, and then come back another time to try the rest. That’s because all of Heineman Winery’s wines are incredible!

Just a Few of Heineman Winery Wine Varieties

-Cabernet Sauvignon
-Pinot Grigio
-Cabernet Franc
-Pink Catawba

You should also make sure to try the grape juice. This grape juice, believe it or not, is a big part of the story of Put-in-Bay’s history. There were, at one point, dozens of wineries on the island. Then prohibition forced all of them out of business, except for Heineman’s, which survived in part thanks to this grape juice. The grape juice sales, in addition to the Crystal Cave tours, kept the Winery afloat until prohibition ended.

Heineman Winery is able to ship their wines anywhere in Ohio year-round. Unfortunately, they cannot ship their wines out of state. So if you join us from outside of Ohio, make sure to take enough home with you!

Put-in-Bay is very proud to be the home of Heineman Winery. It’s a family business that has been passed down through the generations! Grab a couple bottles of their awesome wines as a gift to take back on the Put-in-Bay ferry for family and friends back home!


Nicholas T: “Fantastic experience and family-friendly too! The tour is $8 and includes the cave tour, wine tour, and a glass of wine or grape juice – the grape juice is divine. And they have wines for even the most stubborn of “I don’t like wine” people. Highly recommend this stop if you are going to Put-in-Bay.”

Joe B: “Fantastic winery. Good selection. They have a tour that is very good. Much of it is grown on the island. They also have grape juice from Concord and Catawba grapes. It is a must-stop for us. They also discount if you buy multiples and will deliver it to the ferries.”

Lauren B: “I really enjoyed the in-depth tour that walks you through the steps of production. I appreciate that they happily answer questions. I’m amazed at what it takes and how this small team produces so much. The family is very friendly and takes pride in their product. The tasting room is very popular. You get a small sample with the tour. Grape juice is available for kids and non-drinkers. The ice wine is the most expensive, being made out of frozen grapes from the first frost. Many wines of differing dryness available. Shipping to any location in Ohio only and delivery to the boat available. The over 21 crowds can enjoy the beer garden and there is a small gift shop.”



978 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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