Want to know what’s happening at the Bay? Find out in real time with these Put-in-Bay webcams! We’ve carefully selected some of the best spots to put them, and we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for the additions on this page. We hope you enjoy!

Boardwalk Lobster Bisque Cam

Sunset Monument Cam (West)

Mr Ed’s “Hi Mom” Bar Cam

Put-in-Bay Condos Cam

Benson Ford Ship House Cam

Sunrise Monument Cam (East)

Put-in-Bay Webcams: Your Live Look At The Bay!

On this page you will find four (soon to be five) Put-in-Bay Ohio webcams running 24/7/365, showing you all that’s happening at PIB. Catch great views of Perry’s Monument and the Put-in-Bay Harbor from The Boardwalk’s “Lobster Bisque” cam, breathtaking sunsets from the Benson Ford Ship House cam, sweeping live webcam views from the Put-in-Bay Condos cam (which is incidentally one of our favorite Put-in-Bay hotels & resorts), and during the tourist season, all the great downtown action like Put-in-Bay golf carts and bars and restaurants from the Mr. Ed’s “Hi Mom!” cam.

Wild Winter Weather, Summer Fun, These Lake Erie Webcams Have It All

Put-in-Bay is renowned in Ohio not just for the great times to be had there, but for its natural beauty. While tourists can’t really come to the island in the winter, it’s one of the times when the Bay is at its most beautiful. Now we can bring it to you in 1080p right through your screen! It’s an awesome way to spend a few minutes at the Bay every day!

An All Access Video Pass To South Bass Island

You can watch the Jet Express roll into the Put-in-Bay Harbor on The Boardwalk’s “Lobster Bisque” cam, and then switch to the Put-in-Bay Condos cam to watch the Miller Boat Line head towards the Lime Kiln dock. That same cam can look all the way back to Sandusky and Cedar Point, as well as showing off Kelleys Island. On a clear day maybe even the Huron Pier. In fact you can see surrounding islands on all of the Lake Erie webcams. The Condos cam has Kelleys and Starve, the Lobster Bisque cam has Middle Bass Island and Gibraltar Island, and the Benson Ford Ship House cam has Rattlesnake Island. We’ve got all the Lake Erie shores covered!

You Still Need To Get To The Bay In Person!

If you live in Cleveland, Toledo, Michigan, anywhere in the Midwest really, all you need to do is book some Put-in-Bay lodging, hop in the car, and drive to Catawba Island, maybe during one of our Put-in-Bay events. The Miller Ferry will get you the rest of the way to the Bay! Get a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental and explore our beautiful island for yourself this summer (our favorites are from the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Center)! Because our Put-in-Bay webcams may be great, but not compared to the real thing! We’ll see you at the Bay!