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The Put-in-Bay E-map helps you find great options for dining, shopping, and Lake Erie Lodging in Put-in-Bay Ohio during your visit. Thousands of guests have discovered this invaluable island resource.

Pre-plan your vacation getaway to maximize your time on the island! The E-map will show you exactly what you can find and where it is located so that you can make the most of your time! Looking for the Jet Ski Rentals? Check! Looking for The Goat Restaurant? Check! You can even plan your golf cart ride around the island.

Save time and save money with our helpful Put-in-Bay E-map.

Make sure to visit some of the beautiful family-friendly green spaces on your Put-in-Bay vacation. DeRivera Park sits right in the heart of downtown, as a remarkable testament to the island wanting to preserve its natural beauty even in the center of the main commercial area of the town. Thanks to the Put-in-Bay Garden Club for their service and ecology. The South Bass Island State Park offers great camping and shoreline fishing as well as a little beach to get in the water. In fact, there are so many Put-in-Bay attractions that no matter what time of the season you come here, there is always something going on, Spring to Fall. The Put-in-Bay calendar of upcoming events is filled from April to October with special Put-in-Bay events and festivals. Pyrate Fest is one of our most famous events, and we also get quite a crowd for Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day! We even have two special weekends to solely celebrate YOU our customers, the Spring Fling, and the Fall Ball, both held at the Island Club for over 20 years! Be sure to book these popular event dates early as they are island favorites! Many people also come to the island just to hear and see their favorite summer musicians. The incredible Mike “Mad Dog” Adams show weekends at the historic Roundhouse Bar are an example.

Put-in-Bay Park Place Boat ClubThere is no doubt about it. For a 2×4 mile island, Put-in-Bay sure has a lot going on with food and drinks. At last count, there were over 40 eating and drinking establishments, with new venues opening each year! One thing you can count on while in Put-in-Bay is the fresh local seafood! Especially with the current situation, outside dining seems to be the favorite because those restaurants come with a great view. Some have a beautiful view of the sunset in the evening, others have a view of Put in Bay’s harbor filled with boats, and others offer a downtown Put-in-Bay view such as at Mr. Ed’s, which can get interesting the further into the evening you stay. There are many restaurants off the beaten path that you won’t get to enjoy if you only stay downtown. Ask a local where to eat, everyone has a favorite place here or a place they would love you to go try. Plenty of bars and great entertainment are yours to enjoy at Put-in-Bay. Find one that suits you and enjoy your surroundings. Some bars have local bands and music almost all day and night, others have a calm and quiet atmosphere with a tranquil view of the Put-in-Bay waterfront.

When you arrive on South Bass Island, most visitors will use a taxi shuttle to get to their hotel room or rental home/condo. On arrival, most will then rent a Put in Bay golf cart to get around after they unpack (Book Your Golf Cart in advance). Be sure to ask your reservationist when you make your lodging booking for the taxi phone number then save it on your cell phone before you arrive. It will be useful late at night when you want to get home from the bars. Taxi service is available to all locations on Put-in-Bay provided by various Taxis and cabs meet each arriving boat. Call 419-285-5466 whenever you need a ride!

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