Miller Ferry is running and ready to get you to the island. 2024 Miller schedule below. Jet Express schedule release pending, the schedule listed below is from 2023.

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Ferry Rides to Put-in-Bay

When people envision their Put-in-Bay vacations, they don’t often think about the ferry rides as anything more than transport. They are not traditional island events or attractions. But think about some of the great trips you’ve been on in your life. Some of the most memorable moments can occur on the journey there and back. The ferry to Put-in-Bay is no exception when you VisitPutinbay. For some family outings, it’s the first time the kids have ever been out on the water. You’ll see their eyes wide, watching the mist spray out from the sides of the ferry and the seagulls queuing up in the wake. To this day, even with all the Put-in-Bay attractions, the ferry ride remains one of my personal favorite things about Put-in-Bay.

Jet Express

Jet Express Ferry to Put-in-Bay Check out the 2021 Jet Express Schedule which is in full effect now. Safe travels! Click to Download   Travel to Put-in-Bay in style on the Jet Express Ferry. The smoothest and fastest way to travel to South Bass Island, the Put-in-Bay Jet Express docks... View More

Miller Ferry

The Miller Ferry – Port Clinton to Put-in-Bay Miller Ferry 2024 Schedule   The Miller Ferry offers its passengers transportation from mainland Ohio to both South Bass Island and Middle Bass Island. Ferries leave from the tip of Catawba at the end of state route 53.  For passengers wishing to... View More

Sonny S Ferry

Sonny S Ferry The Sonny S Ferry offers transportation between South Bass Island and Middle Bass Island.  For those who do not know, the correct name for Put-in-Bay is actually South Bass Island.  The only way to get to Middle Bass Island from Put-in-Bay is by plane or ferry.  Looking... View More

If you need to get to or from the island later than about 9 P.M., you’ll need to take the Jet Express ferry. The Jet Express runs about 2-3 hours later than other ferries on any given day. Schedules for the ferries are of course available on the Jet Express websites. Dockage on the mainland is at Port Clinton Ohio and Sandusky Ohio. By the way, you might consider buying a house in Port Clinton to be closer to your favorite islands.

Don’t forget to book your Put-in-Bay lodging in advance, as weekends fill up FAST!

The Miller boat line is the only ferry boat ride offering both passenger service and vehicle service every half hour. It lands out on the back end of the island by the State Park and Lighthouse. Free Parking is nearby. The only mainland dock is out at the end of Catawba Island in the United States and it also services Middle Bass Island.

The Jet Express sells pre-booked tickets online for a round trip on their passenger ferry which is the only one offering late night service. It docks in downtown put in bay and sometimes offers trips to/from Cedar Point. It also services Kelleys Island so you can explore more of the Lake Erie Islands on your vacation.

Put-in-Bay Ferry Prices

The most important factor about the Jet Express to remember is that they cannot transport vehicles, however, they run much later. If you would like a vehicle on the island you can get a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental. The Jet is the pricier option of the two, at $17.00 per person. A children’s ticket is $7.50. In exchange for this expense, the “Jet Express” offers some amenities that the other Put-in-Bay ferry does not. Always check with the ferries for exact current rates and sail times.

Differences Between Put-in-Bay Ferries

The Jet Express has cushioned individual seats. They also have employees on hand to help with luggage. If you want to get a jump start on your Put-in-Bay fun weekend, you will find a bar on the mainland side of the Jet for a pre-ferry cocktail.

The Jet Express departs from both Port Clinton and Sandusky on the mainland, with the trip to the island being 25 and 45 minutes respectively. Directions to both of these docks can be found on the Jet Express website.

Or maybe a pre-ride adult beverage can be the launchpad for a great Put-in-Bay weekend. In that case, visit the Jetbar before hopping on the Jet Express. The bottom line is both of these ferries have been in action for a long time, and do what they do very well. And either way, at the end of the journey, is our precious jewel in Lake Erie, Put-in-Bay Ohio!

Either way, you get here, after a visit to South Bass Island, you may feel like you didn’t get the full experience in just one day with all of the Put-in-Bay activities. In that case, make sure to check out our lodging options. You can book a Put-in-Bay resort, hotel, condo, or renal, but make sure you book sooner rather than later. Weekends fill up fast in the summer and you don’t want to miss out! The faster you book, the faster you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry!

Put-in-Bay Directions

Getting to Put-in-Bay is simple and easy. Put-in-Bay directions are made easy if you have a smartphone. The island has two ferry services that provide transportation to and from Put-in-Bay throughout their respective seasons.  If you reside in the Cleveland area, the Miller Ferry and Jet Express will be roughly an hour away. Visitors who live in Toledo are also around an hour away from the boats. Residents of this Chicago can get to ferries in less than 5 hours! For the best Put-in-Bay directions, we recommend using either Google Maps or Waze. Once you are on the island, request a Put-in-Bay map to plan your day. To stay overnight, choose one of the Put-in-Bay hotels & resorts that looks best, or even a vacation rental home or condo!

Miller Ferry Dock Address:  5174 Water St, Port Clinton, OH 43452

Jet Express Dock Address: 3 Monroe St, Port Clinton, OH 43452