Put-in-Bay is a boater’s paradise! Boats from all over Lake Erie fill our harbors during the summer so boater’s can enjoy all that Put-in-Bay has to offer. The waters surrounding South Bass Island are filled with Put-in-Bay ferries, sailboats, speedboats, kayaks, jet skis and more! We even have the famous historic ship USS Brig Niagara join us every year. Come see our nautical themed shopping, or rent a kayak and take it out onto the lake! There are plenty of Put-in-Bay attractions from kayaking, to jet skiing, to paddleboarding so check out everything the island has to offer below!

The Wharfside

If you’re heading out onto the waters of Lake Erie to do some fishing, the Wharfside is an essential stop. At Wharfside, you can pick up all of the bait and tackle you’ll need, as well as things for the boat and all of those small important things like sunscreen that you may have forgotten. Another thing you may forget that you can buy at Wharfside is a State of Ohio Fishing License. The fishing is great around Put-in-Bay. So great, in fact, that Lake Erie has earned the nickname…

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Put-in-Bay Yacht Club

Seeking a way to connect your love for yachting and lake life with networking and friendship making? Look no further, because the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club is the place to be! Here, you’ll be able to form lasting friendships with others that are also passionate about life on the water, power boating, and other aquatic sports. Members of this private club enjoy a variety of fringe benefits and participate in a series of annual social events, such as: Cruise outs Parties Picnics Racing And numerous others. If you believe boating and…

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Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals

Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals have been delivering the goods for over 22 years. They are the island’s premiere rental option, with all sorts of fun apparatus to enjoy on the lake. They’ve got kayaks, waverunners, speedboats, paddleboards, whatever you want. They have everything you need to enjoy them equipment-wise, as well as safety training and instructions so you only have to worry about having fun. Let Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals give you the Lake Erie experience you deserve. So come out to the island today on a Put-in-Bay ferry! Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rentals…

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Kayak the Bay

Kayak the Bay is one of the best ways to take in the Lake Erie sights available. Grab your paddle and sit back and enjoy countless points of interest on your tour. Guest will start off kayaking the limestone cliffs of Gibraltar Island and then getting up close and personal with the Needle’s Eye. Next, guests will make their way to one of the most iconic homes on the island. Towering over the jagged cliffs is the famous Benson Ford ship-house. This historic and unique home was recently featured on…

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Put-in-Bay Jet Ski

When you come to Put-in-Bay, there’s so much to do on the island itself that it’s easy enough to fill a weekend completely neglecting the water. But if you do, you’re going to regret it when you go back home to your landlocked life. Spend some time out on our beautiful lake and get that unforgettable experience you can’t get at home. You’ll have so much fun zipping across the water, feeling the mist and breeze refresh you. Put-in-Bay Jet Ski is the spot to get your jet ski! There’s…

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With so many things to do on the island you may feel like you won’t be able to get the full Put-in-Bay experience in just one day. In that case make sure to check out our lodging options. You can book a Put-in-Bay resort, hotel, condo, or renal, but make sure you book sooner rather than later. Weekends fill up fast in the summer and you don’t want to miss out! The faster you book, the faster you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry!