Put-in-Bay Maps

Once you are on the island, you will need to know where you are going! Below is a map showing the most popular Put-in-Bay lodging choices available. The map is broken down by resort hotels and island rental homes. The landing spots for the island ferries are also shown. Depending on where you are going, you may wish to rent a golf cart to get you to and fro. Golf carts and mopeds are the most popular forms of island transportation.

Having a Put-in-Bay map handy is a huge advantage when renting a golf cart. Whether you are headed up the island for the day or staying a weekend, you should always have a Put-in-Bay Map with you. Groups can get creative and make their own island checklist.

Places to mark on your Put-in-Bay map can include Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, The Put-in-Bay Winery, the Chocolate Museum and more!

Lake Erie Islands Regional Map
Put-in-Bay Ohio Map of the Island
Put-in-Bay Ohio Map of the Island

Your Guide To The Bay

Welcome to Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456 also known as the Key West of the North! In this island paradise hidden away in the Midwestern United States, you’ll find, for a few months of the year anyway, an island getaway that rivals any tropical destination. Nothing we can do about the winter though! So read on to learn more about what wonderful South Bass Island has to offer, from April to October!

Put-in-Bay Ferry Docks

Your journey will likely start at Catawba Island in Port Clinton, Ohio, although it could start in Sandusky. These are the gateways to the Lake Erie Islands and the launch points of your Put-in-Bay vacation. You’ll be riding either the Miller Ferry or the Jet Express to get over to the island. The Miller Ferry lets off at the southern tip of South Bass Island, and the Jet Express dock is in the downtown Put-in-Bay area. Both grant immediate access to Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals. Boaters who make their own ride will likely dock downtown at the Put-in-Bay harbor.

The Famous Downtown Put-in-Bay Area

This is where you will find many of the Put-in-Bay hotels. It’s also home to Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, the breathtaking monument you most likely noticed on your way over to the island! It stands in memory of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s famous victory in the Battle of Lake Erie, which turned the tide of the War of 1812. DeRivera Park is another one of the Put-in-Bay attractions in the downtown area, and of course, this is where you will find most of our famous nightlife, like the famous Round House and our favorite downtown bar, Mr. Ed’s!

Parks And Green Spaces

But Put-in-Bay island has plenty to offer those that aren’t too interested in the hustle and bustle. Start by getting 9 holes in at Saunders golf course. To go from the greens to just green, you can then enjoy one of our many hiking trails, like the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail and the Dodge Woods Preserve. Those are but two, you will find many more, and those are just the official ones. Put-in-Bay is heaven for nature lovers and those who like to explore. Hop in your golf cart rental and see where it takes you. Maybe to one of our two state parks (not bad for such a small island!) or maybe to the shore for some incredible views of Middle Bass Island, mainland Sandusky and more!

The Rest Of The Rock!

Put-in-Bay, Ohio is not just its downtown area. In fact, one of the island’s most popular attractions, Perry’s Cave, is outside of downtown. It’s a must-see, with an incredible underground lake being the centerpiece, supported by awesome all-ages activities like mini-putt, gemstone mining, and the Butterfly House. Also off the beaten path of downtown Put-in-Bay are two of our favorite island lodging options. The Island Club, great for large groups like family reunions, bachelorette parties, and more, is in the dead center of the island on Put-in-Bay Road. And then our favorite high-end Put-in-Bay resort, the Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos, right next to the Put-in-Bay Airport on the eastern shore, with incredible sunrise views from private balconies.