Most people come to Put-in-Bay to relax. They want to put their feet up, lay out in a deck chair and get some sun. Or spend some time in front of a grill, flipping burgers and sipping a cold beer. Some people though, no matter where they are, they want to face a challenge. They want to battle. To feel that surge of adrenaline that only competition can provide. If that person is you, you can find your Everest at Put-in-Bay. Take a visit to Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center and challenge someone to a race up their new Perry’s Cave Rock Wall.

Attractions At Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center is home to the Rock Wall. But that’s just the start of what’s going on at the Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center complex. There’s no better place on the island for the entire family to have fun. Nature fans will fall in love with the Butterfly Museum, where you can see dozens of beautiful butterfly species fluttering about. Those who love puzzles will meet their match in Fort aMaze’n, a winding labyrinth that will test your skills. You can also watch others try and fail from above thanks to the observation tower. But the one thing above all else that makes the trip to Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center a can’t-miss Put-in-Bay attraction is its namesake, Perry’s Cave itself.

The famous Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry found Perry’s Cave in 1813. You’ll notice that there’s no shortage of things at Put-in-Bay named after Commodore Perry, he is such an important part of the island’s history. But Perry’s Cave is a particularly significant site in the story of Commodore Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie. You’ll learn all about it from the great tour guides at Perry’s Cave. They’ve got so much fascinating information to share about the cave, not only the role it has played in the island’s history, but its unique geological features as well. The underground lake in the cave has to be seen to be believed. This is one of Put-in-Bay’s marquee attractions, be sure to find the time to check it out!

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