Spanning a little more than 3.5 acres of land at the corner of Thompson and Langram Rd., you’ll find the Dodge Woods Preserve. It is one of the most recent parcels of land on the island acquired for conservation (February 2017). These are younger trees than you’ll find elsewhere on the island, because recently (by tree standards) there was a vineyard on this land. Cedar, walnut, and cherry trees are prevalent, there are other types of trees as well like those advanced trees, for instance.

There is a great variety of flora in the Dodge Woods Preserve, and this variety leads to many different kinds of migratory birds visiting the area. So if you enjoy birdwatching, Dodge Woods Preserve is a great choice. Visit this link to find a checklist of birds found at Dodge Woods Preserve as well as elsewhere in the Lake Erie Islands. There are a lot to see, some more common than others. You might get lucky and spot one of the rarer ones.

Dodge Woods Preserve wildflowers

  • Hydrophyllum virginianum, known as Virginia waterleaf. This wildflower comes in white, purple, and blue varieties and can be found in mid-spring and late spring.
  • Symphyotrichum shortii, known as Short’s aster. Short’s aster typically blooms during the fall. It’s a small, pretty flower with purple petals surrounding a yellow corollan.
  • Circaea lutetiana, known as Enchanter’s nightshade. These will be present during the summer. They have small white flowers.
  • Maianthemum racemosum, known as False Solomon’s seal. These late-spring bloomers are also white. They are found in every U.S. state except Hawaii.

When you’re done at Dodge Woods Preserve, you may want to stop in Freshwater Remedies. It’s a great little shop nearby that features all-natural products including a completely organic skincare line. You can also take to the skies at the Put-in-Bay Airport. They offer helicopter tours of the island as well as biplane rides. You’re also not too far from downtown, where you’ll find more restaurants, bars, and shopping than you’ll know what to do with. Put-in-Bay really has it all!


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