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Island Club Rentals 10-Person Homes

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Island Club Rentals Homes is one of the highest recommended rental home service in the Put-In-Bay area. If you are looking for a 10-Person Island Club Rentals Home, you’ll be sure to find yourself ‘at home’ in one of Island Club’s accommodating vacation units. They each come fully furnished with central air, full kitchens, two bathrooms, private decks, propane grills and many other amenities. The Island Club offers 73 three and four bedroom homes in total, so your options are endless.

Guests travel to Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island via ferry boat to kick back and enjoy a break from the daily work grind. Put-In-Bay is in close proximity to most places in the Midwest. With that said, you’ll feel all the island-life vibes as if you were staying in Key West, FL. Bring your family, your friends, your pets, and even your car if you wish! These Put-In-Bay rental homes are the perfect set-up for any getaway. In the center of the Island Club Rentals Homes, you will also find a relaxing pool to enjoy with other guests. Furthermore, the Big Pool at Island Club allows guests to bring their own beverages. This is a great perk for vacation fun-making and money-saving. CHECK RENTAL HOME AVAILABILITY ONLINE! Or call 216-898-9951 for more information.

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Enjoy Put-In-Bay with all the comforts of home at the Island Club Rentals Homes this season. You can rent a 10-Person Island Club Rentals Home for a week, or weekend, or even shorter stays. Midweek specials are also available for those looking for a more cost-efficient getaway. The weekends at Put-In-Bay are best known for amazing nightlife and letting loose. With that said, the island offers something for every guest. You will also be able to relax and enjoy the island’s slower pace during the week when families and tourists explore. The Island Club is definitely a greater value option, compared to hotel rates, for large groups/families. There are several options for 10-Person Island Club Rentals Homes and we would love to put you in the perfect house. Each rental features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen making this an affordable home away from home.

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Wit so much to do on the island, you may want to stay an extra day or two to take in everything that the island has to offer! Put-In-Bay and the Island Club are excited for you to come and kick back with us! You can explore rates and availability at the Rates and Information page. Make sure to take a look at the Summer Calendar of Events on our site as well. We know you will enjoy Put-In-Bay, Ohio and the Island Club. Feel free to look around our site or book online or you could go through Airbnb if you would prefer to go through them! If you’d like more information, email us or call 216-898-9951. SEE YOU AT THE BAY, at the Island Club right in the center of Put-In-Bay, Ohio. Weekends fill up fast make sure to book early.The sooner you book, the sooner you can get on a Put-in-Bay ferry!

Big House and Big Fun

5.0 rating
July 20, 2018

Put-in-Bay is so much fun and it is surprising that so many people don’t know about it! I got back from my vacation this week and my friends at work mostly said that they had never heard of Put-in-Bay. What?!?!
This was such a crazy and fun weekend, it defies the right words. Imagine Spring Break and Las Vegas and Lake Havasu and a wee bit of international flavor (lots of Canadians partying there) and you have Putinbay!
LOVED the taxi rides to and from downtown. Zach rocked the van both ways and was always smiling. With all the drunks and weirdos (we saw plenty), how can he keep smiling?!? What a guy!
Be prepared to meet girls. We had bachelorette parties like all around us. Hanging out on their decks and at the pool every day all day. Can’t complain about that, and if you do, go elsewhere! LOL!
TIPS: Buy a house by the pool, you get great views and fun which we missed out on (we booked on the side in House #71, which was like 10 seconds extra walk to the pool… oh the pain of it!!!).
TIP2: Bring your own Jager, they don’t sell it on the island, no liquor store.
TIP3: Get some Cameo Pizza down at Mr. Ed’s. It is THE BOMB!!!! OMFG!!! You just gotta try it at 2am to understand the pure joy of it. The big bald guy and his wife that work there clearly love it, even at 2am, and that super counts for me having grown up in “the business”.
We will be back!!!

Bill Brosky