You will find Scheeff East Point Preserve on the northeastern tip of the island. The Preserve is a heart-shaped loop trail. It passes through wooded areas, tall grass, and shrubs. If you want to go down to the beach and enjoy incredible views of Lake Erie, you can head down one of the four trail offshoots that go to the beach. You’ll be in awe of these views.

There is kayak access at Scheeff East Point Preserve, and the beachfront is also a great place to do some fishing from the shore. The trail itself grades as pretty easy, so it’s an outdoors option for people of all ages.

Planning A Trip To Scheeff East Point Preserve

If you like nature photography, Scheeff East Point Preserve needs to be on your list of stops. Some of the best pictures taken on the island come from here. Depending on when you’re there, you may get to see some water snakes on the beach. They are harmless. The entire trail, walked at a leisurely pace, will take about 25 minutes to complete. Stay on the path though, because off the path you will find Poison Ivy and Oak in abundance. Don’t worry though, the path is well taken care of and maintained, so you won’t find these nuisances on the path itself.

Scheeff East Point Preserve is a special place where you can really enjoy the natural beauty of South Bass Island. It might be the best nature spot on the island. Even the drive to get there is beautiful. This is one of Put-in-Bay’s hidden gems. And if you work up an appetite while you’re there, great news, your drive back will take you through Put-in-Bay’s downtown area, teeming with restaurants and shops to spend some time in. Grab some fries and a burger at T&J’s Smokehouse. Wherever you pick, you’re sure to be satisfied!


East Point Nature Preserve, Put-in-Bay Township, OH, USA

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