South Bass Island may be small in size, but with over 750,000 visitors arriving each year for vacation, maintaining the peace is crucial. The Put-in-Bay Police Department is in place to maintain that order in South Bass Island, as well as Middle Bass Island. Our island community is safe from harm thanks to their ongoing efforts.

Located on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Catawba Avenue guests will find the Put-in-Bay Police Department. The headquarters are on the lower level of the Put-in-Bay Town Hall. Here, you will find their offices and holding cells. Dispatchers receive and record all call data and then send out the applicable help needed for that caller’s emergency. They not only dispatch for the Police Department, but also for the Put-in-Bay Fire Department and the Put-in-Bay EMS.

Unlike mainland police department environments, the Put-in-Bay Police Department is unique to most. There are several year-round officers on staff, however much of the force is comprised of new recruits each season. New groups of police officer recruits arrive each spring, due to the seasonal nature and drastic increase in Put-in-Bay’s population. Here, new officers will launch into their careers and gain unlimited experience, they wouldn’t otherwise have access to on the mainland. Most officers that were previously employed on Put-in-Bay end up finding full-time work in larger towns and cities.

Put-in-Bay Police Department Divisions

Six divisions make up The Put-in-Bay Police Department.

  • Records Division: Collects data.
  • Dispatch Division: Receives distress calls and sends the appropriate personnel to assist.
  • Bike Patrol Division: Navigates and patrols the main strip and the Put-in-Bay Village via bicycle.
  • Patrol Division: A core component of the police force, watching over the island daily.
  • Investigative unit: Investigates crimes (check over here) and determines resolutions.
  • The Chief: Guidance from the top role in the police force ensures proper protocol. Ultimately, community safety is our utmost concern.

The Put-in-Bay Police Department has one of the biggest tasks on the island. We are grateful to have such outstanding officers overseeing the community and keeping order. During your visit to Put-in-Bay make sure to show your gratitude and shake an officer’s hand. They have their work cut out for them and deserve our praise.

For emergencies, contact dispatch at 419-285-4121 or dial 911.