Tony’s Taxis – Call 419-285-5438

Looking for a fun and reliable taxi service on Put-in-Bay? Try riding with Tony’s Taxis. The taxis provide service from to and from anywhere on Put-in-Bay for just $3 per ride. In addition, the taxis have access to the Put-in-Bay Condos and Island Club all season long!

The red white and blue vans are easy to spot when you and your friends are downtown trying to wave one of the vans down. Our Drivers are happy to assist with any questions you have about the island, where to go and even what to eat! We pride ourselves on keeping our vans clean inside and out. Furthermore, we want to make sure riders have fun when riding in Tony’s Taxis. The vans can fit up to 14 guests at once. 

When visiting the island, you will realize that golf carts and taxis are the best two ways to get around. So, if you are not interested in renting a golf cart, ride with our taxis!

Brand New Put-in-Bay Ohio Taxi Service

South Bass Island had best get ready because the Lake Erie Islands’ newest taxi service has arrived! Tony’s Taxi is taking the island by storm! You’ll see these passenger vans cruising all-around from downtown Put-in-Bay to the Put-in-Bay ferry boats taking people to their golf cart rentals, pick up from the Miller Ferry, the Jet Express, and downtown bars, and to all of the great places to stay at the Bay like Island Club Home Rentals and the Commodore Resort! Have business meetings somewhere on the island? Tony’s Taxi will get you there on time. Family reunions? We can carry your entire group! We serve the entire South Bass Island and can take you to all the Put-in-Bay hotels and Put-in-Bay golf cart rental spots. Our knowledgeable drivers can make suggestions on bars and restaurants for your group. We are here to please!

We Strive To Be The Best Put-in-Bay Taxi Service

Our goal is to be the best of the best at Put-in-Bay. That means prompt arrivals, fun rides, and clean taxis. You’ll see this commitment in everything we do. Our drivers are cheerful and entertaining. They’ll play the music of your choice on our booming sound systems. We will make your large group’s entire ride with us to a party! It’s like being in a limo for $3 a person! You can’t beat that, at Put-in-Bay or anywhere else! Competition is fierce for taxi rides at Put-in-Bay, and we want to repeat visitors to know that when they see Tony’s Taxi, they can hop in and expect a great ride!

Ride With Tony’s Put-in-Bay Taxis!

We are looking forward to providing you with your Put-in-Bay transportation needs.  Leave your car over on the mainland and ride Tony’s Taxis carefree.  In conclusion, have a great day and we will see you at the bay in our taxis!