Historically, there may be nothing that Put-in-Bay is more significant for than wine. A long time ago, grape growers learned that the islands had the longest period of time frost-free in all of Ohio. This is thanks to the effect of the Lake. A trip to the Put-in-Bay Winery will teach you about this interesting quirk of the Bass Islands, and a ton more about what goes into making wine up north. And you’ll learn all this while enjoying delicious wines.

The Doller House Estate is the home of the Put-in-Bay Winery. This is a historic building on the island. It’s the former home of Valentine Doller. Doller emigrated from Germany, and made his riches on South Bass Island. He was also the Mayor of Put-in-Bay for a time in addition to being one of its most prominent businessmen.

Tours of Put-in-Bay Winery

The rich history of Doller Estate adds a fun element to a tasting tour at Put-in-Bay Winery. The tours cost $10 a person, and last for about 35 minutes. You will get to enjoy a stroll through this classic house while you enjoy five different wines. Sparking Moscato begins the tour. Merlot will be your accompaniment in the Parlor. You will learn about Valentine Doller’s ice business and the impact it had on the island while sipping on Riesling. The very popular Pink Catawba is up next, and you’ll have this during what may be the most interesting part of the tour. You will learn all about the process of winemaking, starting with the seeds planted in the ground, and carried through all the way to bottling. Your final wine on the tour is the Put-in-Bay Concord. The tour will end in the gift shop. Here you can buy your favorite wines from the tour, as well as many other varieties.

Put-in-Bay Winery also makes a great choice if you need event catering on the island. They can accommodate groups as small as 15 and as large as 400. Give them a call for more information.



392 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA

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