Historically, there may be nothing that Put-in-Bay is more significant for than wine. As you explore around the Lake Erie Islands you’ll eventually run into big fields of grape vines. A long time ago, grape growers on the island learned that they had the longest period of time frost-free in all of Ohio. This is all thanks to the lake effect of Lake Erie. A trip to the Put-in-Bay Winery will teach you about this interesting quirk of the Bass Islands, and a ton more about what goes into making wine up north. And you’ll learn all this while enjoying a variety of delicious wines.

The Doller House Estate is the home of the Put-in-Bay Winery. This historic building on the island is the former home of Valentine Doller. Valentine emigrated from Germany, and made his riches right here on South Bass Island. He was also the Mayor of Put-in-Bay for a period of time in addition to being one of the island’s most prominent businessmen. 

You’ll find the Put-in-Bay Winery right near the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay and Derivera Park. The Winery is just a short walk from Topsy Turvey, next door to the Boardwalk, Rita’s Cantina, Fishbowl and Mossbacks. During the summer you’ll be able to grab a table outside, as it is mostly outdoor seating, experience great live music and live entertainment, and eat great food. At The Doller House Estate you’ll hear all about the history of wine at Put-in-Bay and get part of the whole island experience (while also sampling some yummy appetizers). 

Tours of Put-in-Bay Winery

The rich history of Doller Estate adds a fun element to a tasting tour at Put-in-Bay Winery. The tours cost $10 a person, and last for about 35 minutes. You will get to enjoy a stroll through this classic house while you enjoy five different wines. A Sparkling Moscato will begin the tour and Merlot will be your accompaniment in the Parlor. You will learn about Valentine Doller’s ice business and the impact it had on the island while sipping on a sweet Riesling. The very popular fan favorite Pink Catawba is up next, and you’ll have this during what may be the most interesting part of the tour. You will learn all about the process of winemaking, starting with the seeds planted in the ground, and carried through all the way to bottling. Your final wine on the tour will be the Put-in-Bay Concord. The tour will end in the gift shop. Here you can buy all of your favorite wines from the tour, as well as many other varieties.

The Put-in-Bay Winery also makes a great choice if you need event catering on the island. They can accommodate groups as small as 15 and as large as 400. Give them a call for more information.


Henrietta K: “We’ve visited the Put-In-Bay Winery and took a tour of the property where we tasted several of their wines while on the tour. The wines were all fabulous! The Doller house is beautiful as well. The front porch looks out over the harbor which is a much, much more beautiful place to enjoy a bottle of wine than Heineman’s Winery. The staff was great and the pizza was yummy. Highly recommend visiting the Doller house while on Put In Bay.”

Hannah: “My favorite place in Put-in-bay! The patio is so relaxing right there on the water. The wine is good. I love the fact that you can get flights! The pizza was delicious too! Coupon online for free chocolate-covered strawberries.”

Michael W: “I definitely prefer the Put In Bay Winery, particularly over Heineman’s. The wine here is great and you can’t beat the location. Beautiful and classy atmosphere as well.”

With tons of options on the island for Put-in-Bay bars and Put-in-Bay restaurants we also recommend visiting the Boardwalk for their famous Lobster Bisque and walleye, Joe’s Bar for amazing Bloody Marys, and Mr. Ed’s bar to grab some yummy Cameo Pizza. After that drive the golf cart over to Rita’s Cantina for margaritas and tacos, The Roundhouse for amazing entertainment, and Mojito Bay for, well.. mojitos. Be sure to check out Frosty’s, The Reel bar, and The Keys for great food and entertainment. Or head over to our Irish pub Hooligans for refreshing drinks and some fantastic French Onion Soup. The Boathouse Bar and The Goat are also both known for food that will be sure to knock your socks off! While you’re at The Goat be sure to visit the Biergarten right next door, or head to one of our many tiki bars/pool bars to cool off. There is so much nightlife and restaurants to explore on Put-in-Bay you definitely won’t get bored!    

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​Address for Mossbacks and Fishbowl- 371 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH



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