Massie Cliffside Preserve was dedicated on August 7th, 2016. It spans 11 acres of Put-in-Bay. This land is mostly wooded, however, the Preserve also has 265 feet of Lake Erie shoreline. This is one of the most recently preserved nature spaces on South Bass Island. The Lake Erie watersnake, which had been gone from the island for quite a while, use the cliffs at Massie Cliffside Preserve as a habitat. If you keep an eye out, you might see some bluebells among the wildflowers on the cliffs. The bluebell is a threatened wildflower in Ohio, but you can find them here sometimes.

A 75-foot dock at Massie Cliffside Preserve can be accessed by paddle craft. Motorized watercraft, on the other hand, cannot use the dock. The dock extends out into the lake from a beach between the cliffs. You can fish off of this dock, in fact, it’s one of the great fishing spots on the island. You will find bench seats on the cliffs, and you can get a great look at Middle Bass Island from these benches. Also, you’re on the right shore for an awe-inspiring Lake Erie sunset.

Trails At Massie Cliffside Preserve

The views from the shoreline and cliffs are the main draw for most people, but Massie Cliffside Preserve also has some of the best walking and hiking trails around. The birds will be chirping as you take a leisurely stroll through these woods, it’s a wonderful experience. You may notice that the land closest to the road has what appears to row in the soil. These rows remain from the land’s past as a vineyard. Most of the island has been used to grow grapes at some point, and this portion of the Preserve is no exception.

If you’d like to stop by Massie Cliffside Preserve, it’s open year-round. The hours are loosely from sunrise to sunset. Massie Cliffside Preserve is managed by the Put-in-Bay Township Park District. Educational group trips are permitted, as well as research trips. You can fish and birdwatch here as well.


Joe P: “A ton of work went into making this preserve a reality. Grateful for the beautiful view whether looking towards the lake or back towards the preserve. One of my favorite places on the island!”

Jamie L: “Nice quick walk through the woods to the shore. We counted 8 water snakes right at the base of the sign asking you to leave the snakes alone. Nice benches for a rest before your return hike. Pier could use some attention. The handrail is rusted out and falling apart.”

Paul J: “Nice hiking trail. Don’t forget to bring a lock to put on the fence. Have it engraved with you and your loved one on it and include the date.”

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