If you’re looking for a quiet getaway for a Put-in-Bay picnic, Alfred Parker Park might fit the bill exactly. Captain Alfred Parker was a beloved captain of a ferry at Put-in-Bay and was a Put-in-Bay Township trustee for over 30 years. This lakeview park stands as a memorial named in his honor. You’ll enjoy some amazing views from this overlook.

A Glance At Green Island

The view from Alfred Parker Park is also one of the best views you can get from land at Green Island. Green Island is not open to the public at present. It serves as a wildlife refuge. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources operates the site. In the 1800s, miners worked on Green Island to extract celestite. Celestite is composed of the element strontium. This element has uses in metal alloys. Now, however, nature has retaken the uninhabited island, and the wildlife is reaping the benefits.

Features Of Alfred Parker Park

Alfred Parker Park is home to a tree-shaded green space, well maintained by the Township. The trees are surrounded by planter boxes. These boxes also serve great shady seating. Alfred Parker Park does not have access to the lake. For safety reason, there is a chain-link fence around the overlook, so that people do not jump into the lake. South Bass Island State Park is a great place to check out if you’d like to go to a park with water access.

This park is pretty isolated from the rest of the island. If you’re looking to slow things down for a couple hours of your Put-in-Bay stay, this might be just the place. The great thing about the island, however, is that everything is in range of everything. So you can enjoy the quiet and solitude of Alfred Parker Park for a while, then a $3 cab ride from Island Club Taxi will put you right back in the heart of downtown to enjoy some shopping or dining. It’s all here at Put-in-Bay!


Rian M: “Great little park on the shoreline can see Benson Ford Shiphouse from there a Private home overlooking the water & made from the superstructure & deck of a salvaged ship.”

Ben W: “Lovely view of Lake Erie as well as the unique Benson Ford home.”



1119 W Shore Blvd, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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