The Boardwalk is one of Put-in-Bay’s most famous locations. If you’ve been coming up to the island for a few years, there’s no doubt you’ve made some memories here. Commemorate them with some gifts from The Lobster Trap. The Lobster Trap is the official gift shop of the Boardwalk. They have Boardwalk gear, home decor, and more including Boardwalk’s famous cocktail sauce.

Boardwalk has the best Lobster Bisque in the Midwest, so of course, you’re going to find some lobster-themed gifts. They’ve also got a great selection of clothes. Hats, t-shirts, and hooded sweatshirts bearing the Boardwalk name. These are high-quality garments built to last, so you can remember your trip to the island for ages.

Boardwalk Cocktail Sauce at The Lobster Trap

This is the place to take home the unforgettable, award-winning Boardwalk Cocktail Sauce. It’s a masterfully seasoned blend of tomatoes, herbs, and real pieces of crab and shrimp. It will make the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had in your life, and all you need to add is some vodka. And if you want to kick that Bloody Mary up a notch, splash in some Boardwalk Hot Sauce, also available for purchase at The Lobster Trap.

And don’t forget, the Boardwalk is a family of restaurants and bars. So if someone you know is coming to Put-in-Bay, you can get them a Boardwalk Gift Certificate, and they can use it at a huge variety of establishments.

Restaurants and Bars That Accept The Boardwalk Gift Certificates

  • Fish Shak, specializing in Perch and Walleye served quickly and deliciously.
  • Little Galley, a family spot famous for its burgers and hot dogs.
  • Book’s Seafood, the premier seafood spot on the island, with Alaskan King Crab, Maine Lobster, and New Zealand Mussels.
  • Bars on the main deck, Claw Daddy’s, and The Burgee Bar.
  • Rita’s Cantina, the spot on The Upper Deck with margaritas, tequila, and bachelorette party specials.
  • Hooligans Irish Pub, located in downtown Put-in-Bay, with a full menu and live entertainment.
  • Dairy Isle, the best place on the island for some soft-serve ice cream or a Sundae!

341 Bayview Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA