Just around the corner from the historic downtown Put-in-Bay, you will find an awesome little shopping center called The Shops at Compass Pointe. There are five different stores at Compass Pointe, and they’re all very unique in their own way. It’s also a beautiful place to do a little shopping, with meticulously maintained landscaping. And all you’ve got to do to get there is round the corner onto Langram Avenue. You’ll be there in minutes if you take a Put-in-Bay golf cart rental. You won’t regret it!

The Shops at Compass Pointe
  • Home Port
  • Dock 421
  • Happy Holidays
  • Island Hardware
  • The Little Store

Home Port

Home Port is your one-stop-shop for any nautical-themed decorations. Fill that den back home with decor from Home Port and have a slice of Put-in-Bay to retreat to during the winter months. They have everything from lighting to beddings, and you’ll definitely want to grab a cleat mug. This is Home Port’s calling card, a blue or white metal mug with a boat cleat for a handle.

Dock 421

Dock 421 is the place to get your casual apparel on the island. They do have their share of t-shirts and hats like many other Put-in-Bay shops, but if you’d like to class it up a little more, they have the button-down short-sleeved shirts and sundresses perfect for a summer afternoon on the boat!

Happy Holidays

Just like Home Port lets you inject some Put-in-Bay into your home in the winter, Happy Holidays lets you take a Put-in-Bay Christmas back to the mainland! Get a Put-in-Bay ornament for the Christmas tree here. They also have a lot of universal Christmas products if you’d like to get something more traditional, but you can still say it’s from the Bay!

Island Hardware

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Island Hardware is the only ‘hardware’ store on the ‘island’! Got it? Good. You probably won’t need a power drill during your trip, but you definitely might need some of their marine products if you brought your boat!

The Little Store

The Little Store is a very charming, and indeed little, jewelry and accessories shop. If you’re looking for that perfect piece to accompany your outfit before your Saturday night downtown at Put-in-Bay, this is where you need to stop by Saturday morning.

With so much on offer at The Shops at Compass Pointe, you really need to fit it into your shopping trip at the island. After a trip to one of the Put-in-Bay bars or restaurants, come by and start shopping for island treasure! And if the guys come, they can hang out at Island Hardware! There are plenty of things to do in Put-in-Bay so come up as soon as possible on a Put-in-Bay ferry!


420 Langram Road, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA