If you come up to Put-in-Bay by way of the Jet Express, you’ll disembark, and the first store you’ll see is the Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Company. Obviously then, if you go home on the Jet Express, it’ll also be the last store you’ll see. This is perfect. On the way off the Jet, grab a couple of shirts to wear on the weekend, and on the way back to the Jet, take some home as gifts!

What You’ll Find At Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Company

Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Company is packed to the rafters with unique Put-in-Bay apparel. Some of it is funny, some of it is fashionable, all of it is brimming with local pride. T-Shirts aren’t all they’ve got here either, you can find things like beach towels and blankets, as well as other clothing like sweatshirts. Stop in at your own risk, because once you’re inside, you won’t stop seeing things you’ll want to buy and take home! They have every size and an unbelievable amount of colors and designs.

Another thing to note if you’re taking the Jet Express, there is an ATM right next door to the Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Company on Hartford Avenue. You’ll also be right by the beautiful DeRivera Park, a green space in the heart of downtown Put-in-Bay.

DeRivera Park is a big deal on the island. There are great play areas for the kids, and awesome picnic spaces with tables and charcoal grills. All of this is right next to the water, so you can hear the waves lapping and feel the lake breeze. DeRivera Park is a wonderful place to spend a few minutes or a whole afternoon.

You’ll also find lockers for public use, as well as a bathhouse and restroom. So if you spent the day in the lake and need to freshen up, or if you want to drop off your haul from Put-in-Bay T-Shirt Company without heading all the way back to the Island Club or Put-in-Bay Waterfront Condos, DeRivera Park is your solution!

220 Hartford Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA