There is nothing that completes a visit to Put-in-Bay quite like the Heineman Winery Gift Shop. Conveniently located onsite at the historical Heineman Winery on Catawba Ave, this gift shop is one of the island’s favorites. Here, you will find a variety of wines and juices to purchase. They are grown, cultivated, produced and bottled right onsite. Visitors are even able to help in the bottling process if they come during the bottling season. There is literally no other winery on the island that does this. Heineman’s Winery Gift Shop is proud of their ability to make the wine they sell on premises. It gets better. If you purchase multiple bottles there are discounts available, so you can select a variety to take back home and sample with your friends and loved ones.

Heineman’s Winery Popular Wines

Guests can purchase tours of Crystal Cave at the Heineman Winery Gift shop also. The Crystal Cave is home to the world’s largest geode! The history behind the cave’s discovery is just as fascinating as what’s inside of it. Decades ago when winery employees were digging a well to accommodate winery improvements the came across the cave. No one could have guessed that 40+ feet under the surface there would be a crystal lined cave that would ultimately keep their winery in business through Prohibition.

Tough times for the island wineries came during the Prohibition, but the Heineman Family Winery was able to promote tours of the cave, as well as the cave’s crystals to balance out the impact of the prohibitive regulations. Fun fact: the crystals grown in the cave were actually crushed into powder form then used to produce fireworks! It goes without saying that your trip to the Heineman Winery and Crystal Cave is sure to be exploding with fun.

With so much rich history to explore, and beauty to experience in Put-in-Bay, you may never want to leave. Visit Put-in-Bay and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Book Your Put-in-Bay Accommodations here!

978 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456, USA