Editors Choice

Richard Warren is one of Put-in-Bay’s more well-known residents. He is famous for his involvement in Pyratefest and also the giant pumpkin he grows every year for Oktoberfest. He knows more than most about the spirit of Put-in-Bay, and his love for the island has led to his role as the Great Lakes Tobacconist. Mr. Warren has designed a line of cigars, each of which is meant to capture a part of Put-in-Bay life. Richard Warren chooses the tobacco blends himself. The cigars are rolled in Tamboril, DR by the Kilner Boutique Factory.

Great Lakes Tobacconist Cigars

There are five different cigar blends in the Great Lakes line of cigars, each one meant to represent something special about Put-in-Bay. The Island Airlines cigar is a large cigar, over 6″ in fact. It has a blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua. It is a full-bodied cigar. The Miller Ferry cigar has Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos and is a smoother, mid-body cigar. The Niagara is the mildest cigar of the bunch, made with a blend of Brazilian and Dominican tobaccos. The Monument cigar is a tribute to the centennial anniversary of Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, certainly Put-in-Bay’s defining landmark. Finally, the Heineman Winery cigar is a compliment to Heineman Winery’s sweet wine. Mr. Warren chose the blend specifically for this purpose. It is a petite Piramide and lasts around 20 minutes, perfect for a glass of wine or two.

You can buy these Put-in-Bay-inspired stogies individually, but there is also a beautiful wooden box set that makes for an incredible gift. Joe’s Bar, the Miller Marina, Park Drive-Thru, and also Heineman’s Winery all carry the Great Lakes Tobacconist cigars. Grab a box and enjoy with friends on a beautiful summer night at the Bay, or take some home from your trip and light one up to transport back to your awesome getaway. Great Lakes Tobacconist is the cigar of Put-in-Bay!

1400 Catawba Ave, Put-in-Bay, OH, USA