The United States Post Office at Put-in-Bay is the lifeline to the mainland for nearly 500 residents. However, South Bass Island receives over 750,000 visitors annually, the island is a mere 4 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. There are no mailboxes on the island, so mail must be retrieved by the residents via Post Office boxes on site. Given the island’s incredibly small size, a visit to the Put-in-Bay Post Office is a quick golf cart ride away.

Put-in-Bay Post Office Location & Services

Locating the Put-in-Bay Post Office is easy. In between the gas station and the island hardware store on Langram Road you will find the island’s post office ready to serve. If you’re staying closer to the busy downtown Put-in-Bay strip, you’ll be less than a mile away.

Each day, weather permitting, the mail arrives at the island in one of two ways. During the offseason, Put-in-Bay mail is delivered by plane because the lake is iced over and inaccessible by boat. Once the ice is melted, the mail is received by the Miller Ferry service. Upon arrival, whether that be the dock or the airstrip, the mail is then transported to the Post Office for sorting and distribution.

Put-in-Bay Post Office Services Available:

  • Stamps
  • Packaging Supplies
  • Priority Mail
  • Post Parcel
  • Priority Mail Express
  • General Delivery
  • and Greeting Cards

Aside from the fact that you can send and receive mail at the Put-in-Bay Post Office, it is also an unofficial meeting place for the local islanders to gather. You will find that many locals prefer to collect their mail around the same time each day, which allows them to visit with their friends and neighbors.

If you find your carry on’s are too full and need to ship some souvenirs or even a postcard head on over to the post office during your trip to Put-in-Bay. There is no better feeling than entering a space full of such friendly hometown hospitality. Designate some time to stop in and make friends. You’ll probably get some friendly island gossip you didn’t know you needed! Ask any questions and you’ll have plenty of locals ready to offer a helping hand. The island of Put-in-Bay is welcoming to all visitors.