Get the latest on Put-in-Bay happenings and monthly events with the Put-in-Bay Gazette. This publication has been diligently reporting the island buzz for the past 30 years and is still the trusted source by locals and visitors alike.

This island treasure is published once a month and full of top-rated Put-in-Bay related current events. Local Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass Island writers, as well as student writers from around the area, make up the staff. Flip the freshly printed spreads and find a variety of interesting local news, as well as light-hearted shares. Birthday messages are a local favorite section in the newspaper. What a better surprise than to have a special birthday greeting awaiting your friend or loved one upon arriving to the island for a fun getaway.

Once you arrive to Put-in-Bay, walk up to a nearby storefront and reach in your pocket for a quarter. That is all it costs to purchase the latest edition of the Put-in-Bay Gazette. With that said, you can also opt to have the Gazette mailed to you back home with their subscription service.

What You’ll Find Inside The Put-in-Bay Gazette

  • Monthly Event Details
  • Charity Events
  • Entertainment Schedules
  • Island News
  • Birthday Messages
  • Local promotions & discounts
  • Photos of Locals & Visitors

Take Your Picture with the Put-in-Bay Gazette

Did you know the Put-in-Bay Gazette gets around on a global level? It’s such a beloved treasure to visitors and guests that they like to take it with them on their various travels around the world. Snapshots and Selfies with the newspaper are found taken from every corner of the globe. If you’re coming for a quick stay or leaving your island home for a quick trip abroad, don’t forget to pack a copy and snap a photo during your adventures away. The PIB Gazette has been taken to far off locations like Brazil, the Maldives, Russia, and many other fun destinations! For such a tiny island, we sure have quite the surprising reach!

With all the news, events, and fun stuff in mind, the Put-in-Bay Gazette also cherishes the community and frequently shares information about causes around the island. Because of this community-driven foundation, these articles often educate and empower citizens to get involved and take action in things they are passionate about changing. There is always something to explore and learn about on Put-in-Bay. Make sure to purchase a copy and see what the buzz is all about.