Heading to Put-in-Bay without a care in the world and adventure in your heart? You will want to tour the island by moped then! There is no better way to explore Put-in-Bay than riding carefree in this open-air, two-wheeled scooter. With so many fun short trips to and from the various Put-in-Bay attractions, you won’t go wrong with this fun mode of island transportation. Learn about Put-in-Bay’s Moped Rentals options!

Once you’ve claimed your electronic steed you will be able to ride around all day on a single tank of fuel. Don’t forget that these mopeds are meant for single riders. With that said, do not fret if you’ve never driven one because they are really easy to operate. Make sure to bring your license because you must be 18 years of age in order to rent or operate a moped. There are multiple rental options dependent on your Put-in-Bay adventures. You can choose from hourly, daily, or weekly moped rentals. All mopeds are licensed and street legal with working headlights, taillights, and turn signals. The mopeds, as well as Put-in-Bay golf cart rentals, let you tour more of the island in the short amount of time you have here.


  • 1 person mopeds available for $15 per hour
  • 1 person mopeds available for $60 per day

Put-in-Bay Moped Road Rules

Grab your crew and explore the island on mopeds, it’s a guaranteed adventure full of fun. To guarantee you will have the best riding experience, please make sure to consider the road rules while on the island:

  • Be aware of your surrounding motor vehicles and general traffic at all times.
  • Move over to the side for larger and faster traffic.
  • Do not stop your moped in the roadway, or on the edge of the road to sight-see.
  • Don’t drink and drive!!!! EVER!
  • Do not drive onto private property. Put-in-Bay is mainly residential property privately owned by individuals.

You won’t regret the experience of Put-in-Bay via moped. So make sure you reserve your moped before you arrive from the Put-in-Bay ferry!