There is one thing that all vacations have in common… A GROCERY RUN! Thankfully, Put-in-Bay has the Island General Store for all your vacation grocery needs! Loved by locals and visitors alike the Island General Store is the only full-service grocery store on the island. That’s good news for you because you’re bound to need something during your stay, right? Maybe it’s a forgotten toothbrush, a six-pack of beer, or the perfect sandwich ingredients for a special Put-in-Bay picnic? Whatever the need, the Island General Store is here to help. Once you unload off the Jet Express ferry and drop your bags off at your vacation home away from home, head over and browse the aisles of fresh produce, snacks, meats, and more!

The store is quite easy to find and just around the corner from the popular Put-in-Bay downtown strip. Nearby you will find the Put-in-Bay Police Department and Put-in-Bay Town Hall, as well as bars like Hooligans, Mojito Bay, and the recently updated Reel Bar, are all in close proximity. Grab a quick bite to eat and a refreshing beverage before tackling that grocery shopping list head-on. They always say it’s better to go grocery shopping on a full stomach anyway.

The Island General Store Grocery Selection

While some visitors may stop in to replace a forgotten item, such as deodorant, sunscreen, toothbrush, etc. others come to stock up for their extended island getaway. Some guests prefer to save a little money for Put-in-Bay attractions and make their meals during their stay and there are plenty of options to choose from at The Island General Store. Whether you’re looking for a week’s worth of breakfast ingredients, picnic items, or the perfect cut of meat for your vacation cookout, you’ll be in good hands. Don’t forget to add some locally owned ice cream, Toft’s, into your grocery cart as well. Toft’s has been in operation since the early 1900s and is known to be the oldest family-owned dairy production in Ohio.

A few examples of things you’ll find at the Island General Store:

  • Breakfast Basics: Bread, Eggs, Biscuits, Bacon, Milk, Orange Juice
  • Snacks: chips, cookies, dips perfect
  • Fresh Produce: All the fresh veggies and fruits
  • Variety of High: Quality Meats: Lunchmeat for sandwiches, hot dogs, steaks, burgers, chicken, pork, sausage.
  • Sweet Treats: Ice Cream, Popsicles, Pastries
  • Other: Toiletries, Hygiene Products, Paper Goods, Cleaning Supplies, etc.


Chris F: “Very nice little store on the island. Prices are a little high but not any higher than you would expect on a vacation island. It normally is pretty well stocked but there are times some things are a little short. Great for picking up anything you may have forgot or just stopping to get a drink. The staff has always been nice and helpful.”

Joe B: “Decent prices. A good place to get supplies, so you don’t have to take everything with you. Fully stocked. With produce and a meat department. Our Put-in-Bay Condo had a full kitchen so we decided to cook breakfasts and snacks.”

Shibley: “This place is great! The only grocery store around, and they have reasonable prices! There’s no, “Where else you gonna go?” attitude here.”


So get settled into your hotel, condo, or vacation home, and then make your list and head on over to the Island General Store to find the perfect ingredients to the perfect Put-in-Bay vacation.