Drive-thru stores aren’t ubiquitous like they were back in the day. In fact, outside of the Midwest, there are people that aren’t even familiar with the concept. So imagine the surprise when they come to Put-in-Bay and see the Boathouse Beverage Center! Right on Hartford Avenue, you can roll right through in your car or golf cart and point out what you’d like to buy. Don’t worry, you can also come through on foot!

Not only does the Boathouse Beverage Center set the bar for convenience in person, but they’ll also bring the goods to you with their delivery service! So don’t fret if you underbudgeted on beer or ice, you can restock your party with one phone call!

What You’ll Find At Boathouse Beverage Center & Delivery

Roll through the large bay door, and a member of the Boathouse Beverage Center staff will stroll alongside you as you pick out what you’d like. They’ll collect the products and bring them to the register at the end of the lane. You won’t need to get out of the car at any point.

Stock up on beer, soda and snacks, and other party essentials like plastic cups! It’s a great choice if you need to pick up something you forgot or ran out of. We do recommend you get the bulk of your party supplies on the mainland and bring them over, as the increased shipping costs can lead to some higher prices up on the island, but you can never plan for everything, and the Boathouse Beverage Center is the perfect place for that emergency purchase.

The Boathouse

Right next door to the Boathouse Beverage Center is the Boathouse Restaurant. The Boathouse is a Put-in-Bay favorite with an awesome menu and live entertainment. And there’s a new addition called the Biergarten at the Boathouse with some amazing imported draft beers! So while you may just be rolling through for party supplies today, stop by tomorrow for a great meal!