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Put-in-Bay celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie on this most historical of weekends. This is a celebration of history, art, and music. The island also celebrates Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry’s naval victory over the British. Since then, there have been two centuries of peace shared by the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. This victory allowed America to control Lake Erie for the remainder of the war. American forces reclaimed Detroit within days of this victory. The war continued for another two years. However, the Battle of Lake Erie is what placed America back on equal footing. It was the major turning point in the conflict, and it all happened at Put-in-Bay Ohio.

A War of 1812 military encampment can be found on the lawn of the Monument Visitors Center all weekend and over 1,000 Boy Scouts camp out in tents on the Memorial’s east lawn for their annual camporee on Lake Erie. This weekend is the perfect time to visit and Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. 

About the Memorial

Perry’s Monument, as it is known, sits on an isthmus close to downtown Put-in-Bay. An isthmus is a narrow piece of land the connects two larger areas. This isthmus is also what gives Put-in-Bay its unique appearance.

It is open every day during the summer season. Adults pay $7 while children are free. The last ascent to the observation deck is 30 minutes before closing. It is a short walk from the Jet Express terminal and the downtown attractions.

Visitors pay the admission fee at the Visitor Center to access the observation deck. The Visitors Center is free of charge. A national park service (NPS) ranger escorts groups to the deck via an elevator. Put-in-Bay Historical Weekend is the perfect time to soak in the history of Put-in-Bay!

September 06, 2024 - September 08, 2024


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