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Get Ready For The Amphicars!

Have you ever seen a car drive into the water and…keep on going? Well you can at Put-in-Bay, because the Amphicars are headed this way! These rare novelties are vehicles that work on land and in the water, and their owners group makes an annual pilgrimage to the Bay to enjoy their prized cars on Lake Erie. You won’t want to miss them!

The 2023 itinerary is on its way, until then, get an idea for what the event is like

Amphicar’s Put-in-Bay 2022 Itinerary

July 25th

At 11 AM, the Amphicars get to the Bay via the Miller Ferry. The Amphicar Parade will begin at 12:45 PM. It will travel around downtown and down to the water. Here, the Amphicars will be available for pictures. 1 PM is the big moment where the Amphicars drive into the lake, then take a boat tour of the Put-in-Bay Harbor. This portion of the event can be watched on the Put-in-Bay Island Guide Facebook page, as well as on the webcam for The Boardwalk. The Amphicars will leave for a bit at 1 PM, heading over to Middle Bass for their traditional lunch over there. They’ll be back to the Bay at 5 PM, enjoying Happy Hour over at The Keys, and then an evening in downtown Put-in-Bay.

July 26th

The Amphicars will be around downtown Put-in-Bay in some capacity pretty much all day on the 26th starting mid-to-late morning and through to 7:30 PM, when they head back to Port Clinton. During the day the cars will be around for photos, and the owners available for questions and to learn more about the unique vehicles.

Expect occasional appearances by the Amphicars for the remainder of the week, Wednesday through to Saturday, as they’ll be stationed in Port Clinton at this time.

If you want to know more about the festivities, contact 203-910-7903!


July 31, 2023 - August 01, 2023


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