Hoping your family can learn a little and have fun at the same time? One of the preferred educational Put-in-Bay Attractions is the Aquatic Visitors Center, operated by the Ohio Sea Grant. Learn about Lake Erie aquatic science up close and personal located on Ohio State University’s island campus. From June 20th through August 25th, guests can visit free of charge or pay $4 p/p for a guided group tour.

ODNR Division of Wildlife also provide children, under the age of 16, with fishing gear and bait for free. Fish such as: bluegill, bass, yellow perch, and/or pumpkinseed are all available to catch! Families will also learn about the food web during their visit. Round gobies, an invasive species, are caught and fed to the hungry fish in the aquaria daily. Feeding round gobies to the other fish species help maintain the ecosystem balance.

Aquatic Visitor Center History

From 1907 through 1988 the Aquatic Visitor Center served as the official State Fish Hatchery. Prior to 1992, this center wasn’t open to the public. ODNR Division of Wildlife converted the hatchery building into the Aquatic Visitor Center. Now you will find it too be one of the most popular Put-in-Bay Attractions on the island.

This hatchery has raised a variety of fish species over 80 years of operation. Walleye, sauger, whitefish, herring, yellow perch, coho salmon, chinook salmon, and steelhead have all been raised on site. You will also find countless artifacts and photographs on display from days pasts.


The Aquatic Visitor’s Center also assists with environmental research. You will also find the nation’s oldest biological freshwater field station, Stone Laboratory, nearby. It is located on Gibraltar Island. Guest can learn about the pressing ecological problems facing Lake Erie and current research projects seeking solutions. Walleye tracking, fish population control, fish biology, and aquatic invasive species are all studied in great detail. Based on the research completed, the data can assist in suggesting solutions for the government to consider.

Things to Do

– Learn about the Lake Erie ecosystem with hands-on experiments and displays.

– Explore Lake Eries micro-organisms

– Observe live Lake Erie fish species

– Discover rich history and current Fish Hatchery operations

– Take a guided tour (for an additional $4 p/p)

Once you’re visit is over, consider renting a kayak. Kayak The Bay is very close to the Aquatic Visitor Center. This is the perfect way to take what you learned and explore Lake Erie even further. Hope you enjoy your fun learning experience!



Aquatic Visitors Center, 310 OH-357, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456, USA

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