08 Apr
08 Apr
Here’s where we think you should stay for the solar eclipse at Put-in-Bay! Act quickly, because the best rooms and houses will fill up quick!

Experience the Unforgettable Solar Eclipse at Put-in-Bay!

Mark your calendars for April 8th, 2024, as Put-in-Bay, Ohio, becomes the prime spot to witness a rare celestial event – a total solar eclipse! Nestled on South Bass Island, Put-in-Bay offers a unique vantage point. As the moon completely obscures the sun, the day will momentarily turn to dusk, offering a spectacular view over Lake Erie Islands. This is a rare opportunity, with only 9% of the U.S. population living in the path of totality. For the 91% looking for the ideal location to experience this phenomenon, Put-in-Bay is the destination to be!

A Rare Spectacle Awaits at Put-in-Bay

Remember the 2017 total solar eclipse? While that was a sight to behold, the 2024 eclipse at Put-in-Bay is even more special. The next American total solar eclipse won’t occur until 2045, making this an event not to be missed. The eclipse in 2024 will last an extraordinary 4 and a half minutes, significantly longer than the usual duration of total solar eclipses. It’s not just an eclipse; it’s a rare celestial spectacle that Put-in-Bay is privileged to host!

The Ideal Eclipse Viewing Spot: Put-in-Bay, Ohio

As enthusiasts from across the country plan their eclipse-viewing trips, Put-in-Bay stands out as a top destination. While cities like Dallas, Indianapolis, and Buffalo are on the eclipse path, Put-in-Bay offers an unparalleled experience. Situated in a narrow strip of totality, it’s the perfect spot for avid eclipse chasers. For those in Columbus, Cincinnati, Chicago, or Pittsburgh, a trip to Put-in-Bay is a must to fully experience this incredible event. Imagine cruising in a Put-in-Bay golf cart, fishing in Lake Erie, and then witnessing the breathtaking eclipse – a perfect blend of adventure and awe!

Join Us at Put-in-Bay for an Epic Solar Eclipse Experience!

As April 8th, 2024, approaches, get ready to join us at Put-in-Bay. With the Miller Ferry and Jet Express in service, accessing our picturesque island will be a breeze. Though we can’t guarantee spring temperatures, we can assure you a selection of cozy Put-in-Bay hotels, delightful vacation rentals, vibrant bars and restaurants, and the opportunity to explore the island in style with golf cart rentals. More than just viewing an eclipse, it’s about experiencing the magic of Put-in-Bay’s Monumental Eclipse in an environment as extraordinary as the event itself!

April 08, 2024 - April 08, 2024


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